The Ghiz’s


Mike and Maha Ghiz along with their children David, Dana, Joanna  and Jad are serving the Lord in Lebanon through Pioneers missions.  Mike has been reaching out to the community and seeking to gain their friendship and an opportunity to share the gospel.

There has been a mass exodus of people from Syria and many families have ended up in Lebanon.  For many families the only possessions they have are those they could carry.  Mike and Maha  have been assisting   Adonis  Baptist Church in ministering to about 200 Syrian families.  Food is provided along with visitations.  Some refugees have attended the church services and this has opened the door to share the gospel.

The Ghiz’s have also started project “Operation NEEDS” as an NGO to help needy refugees in Lebanon. The first project is to start a school for Syrian refugee children.  It is estimated that there are about 200,000 unschooled Syrian children in Lebanon alone.

The Seilers


Roland and Susan Seiler are serving the Lord in Mozambique through Wycliffe Bible translators.  Roland and Susan have provided invaluable technical skills to assist in the translation of God’s word into the local language.  They were recently able to see the fruits of that labour as the Habari Ngema, “the Good News” of Jesus Christ –  was published in KImwani after 25 years of work.

They are now in the process of downloading the Mwani Habari Ngema onto tablets and cell phones.

 Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College

Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College offers solid theological education at both an undergraduate and graduate level for those desiring to serve Jesus Christ.

Alliston Community Christian School

  The vision of Alliston Community Christian School is to make a Christ centered education accessible to every Christian family who desires it.


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